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Investor Relations

Our towers range in energy production and can help provide solutions for small commercial projects all the way up to large utility scale solar farms.


Installs Closer To End-users
Very Small Footprint
Environmentally Friendly
Easy To Maintain
High Efficiency Output
Suits Most Solar Panels
Vandal-proof Design
Patent-pending Concept


Small Wind Power Energy Solution

The 2nd Lotte World Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Korea and the 6th tallest in the world.

Installed on the roof of the top floor at 553 meters to supply energy such as aviation flashing.

Rotor rotor blade connection, central axis of wind power generator.
Blades blades The blades rotated by the wind.
The same structure as the wing of a lift blade airplane,
Increases acceleration by generating tension and enables rapid acceleration several times the wind speed.
It transmits the necessary force when starting the drag blade and is suitable for various winds.
Easy to change lift after acceleration of drag.

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